Connecting Hadoop Big Data to
IBM Campaign and Interact

Hadoop, Big Data and related technologies are changing the way organizations take advantage of large and unstructured data sets that were previously difficult to analyze and exploit quickly or economically.

Join Ajay Bhaga, as he demystifies Hadoop and how Fortune 1000 companies are integrating it with IBM Campaign and IBM Interact to accelerate the relevancy and impact of their interactive marketing campaigns.

During the webinar, Ajay will share with you an exclusive preview into how one of our clients is leveraging Hadoop within their marketing automation ecosystem to drive their journey based nurturing campaigns.

Below are some key points Ajay will be reviewing:

  • Why does Hadoop matter? What has changed for marketers?
  • Does Hadoop replace relational databases?
  • What types of analysis does Hadoop excel at? How?
  • What kind of marketing opportunities does Hadoop unlock?
  • How can Hadoop be integrated with an IBM Campaign and IBM Interact journey campaign?

Watch The Webinar